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One of Our Latest Courts in Calabasas, California

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Whether you are looking for the ultimate backyard courts and fitness space or just the perfect lawn at So Cal Sports and Turf, we have the answer. We can build the perfect court for your favorite sports and games and our synthetic lawns are backed by the best warranty in the industry!

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I you have yet to try pickleball, you really are missing out. It continues to be one of our most requested reasons for a home court.

Pickleball has long been a favorite at tennis and community centers, and the court is only one quarter the size of a standard tennis court. This makes it very easy to create at home. Other than a nice level playing surface, all you need is a net, a few balls and paddles and you’re ready to play.

There are not as many injuries in pickleball as there are in other racquet sports such as tennis or racquetball. The smaller court size and underarm serving results in less impact on legs and shoulders.

One study reported that socialization was one of the main reasons that older adults played pickleball. And further research suggests that pickleball is a great way for adults of any age to stay social and feel fulfilled.

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Courts and Synthetic Grass

Our synthetic lawns look and feel like the real thing and are backed by the longest warranty in the industry, 20 YEARS! Be sure to ask us about our LIFETIME WARRANTY which is now available on all of our synthetic turfs.

We can help keep your turf looking its best

Keep your new yard or court looking it’s very best. At 20 years, our standard warranty is the best available in the industry today, but with ProActive Care, you can extend it to a LIFETIME WARRANTY! …MORE

At So Cal Sports and Turf we offer the finest quality best-looking turf available. You won’t find our turf at other vendors, it is custom-made to our high standards…MORE

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Our new Turf Courts are quieter than traditional courts, feel great on bare feet, do not require a concrete base, and are a cost-effective way to get the most out of your backyard…MORE

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