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Our synthetic lawns look and feel like the real thing and are backed by the longest warranty in the industry, 20 YEARS! Be sure to ask us about our LIFETIME WARRANTY which is now available on all of our synthetic turfs.

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This is a great play space in Calabasas, CA. it was an upper part of the yard that had really never been utilized due to the fact that is was so difficult to maintain. Today with nearly 2000 square feet of our High Sierra Turf it is a park-like setting that is perfect for playing or hosting a party.

Synthetic Lawns & Sports Turf

At So Cal Sports and Turf we offer the finest quality best looking turf available. You won't find our turf at other vendors, it is custom made to our high standards...MORE

We always say that we can build to any size or budget. This Clippers inspired court is a great example of making the most of a small space. The bright blue and gray court is approximately 20 x 20 and is made from Bounceback Performance Tile with Shocktower from SnapSports. With its custom painted logo to complete the package, it really looks great.


We play sports for all kinds of reasons, we play for fun, we play for the friends, we play for fitness and more. But, lets face it we really play sports to win! We love the competition, we love...MORE

You can see in this photo that this Turf Court also features 10 x 10 and 10 x 15 Snap Back Rebounders, a 60” backboard basketball system and a muti-purpose net system for volleyball and badminton.


Our new Turf Courts are quieter than traditional courts, feel great on bare feet, do not require a concreete base and are a cost effective way to get the most out of your back yard ...MORE

Pictured above are the 3 great looking synthetic turfs we are currently offering. Different colors and textures look better in different yards or lighting. High Sierra turf. Synthetic turf custom made for SoCal Sports and Turf.

HIGH SIERRA Synthetic Turf

Our "High Sierra" sports turf is our most popular, best selling turf and has been consistently voted #1 as the most realistic looking turf available ...MORE

Our new Turf Courts are a great option for anyone looking for a great place to play, while retaining the look and feel of a lush green lawn. 
Create the perfect backyard with a custom sport and athletic court.

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Turf Courts are well suited to anyone living in an area prone to heavy dew. Tile courts of any brand can get slippery when wet, turf is not. It provides much better grip in damp conditions.

Proactive Care

Keep your new yard or court looking its very best. Our standard warranty is the best available in the industry today at 20 years, but with ProActive Care, you can extend that to a LIFETIME WARRANTY! ...MORE